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The Skies Have Eyes

Commanders in Afghanistan found the aerostat systems to be essential components to forward operations. Often those aerostats survived hurricane force winds and extreme weather conditions in hostile combat environments. Many of the aerostats used in Afghanistan have already been brought back from the battlefield and re-purposed for use in homeland security operations. Read Entire Article […]

The Rise and Fall

Unmanned lighter-than-air (LTA) technology is arguably the mother of unmanned airborne surveillance, having been around in a variety of different forms for over 100 years. Read about TCOM aerostats and why these Mission-Critical assets are unmatched. Download Entire Article Here: The Rise and Fall

TCOM Aerostat System Helps U.S. DHS Border Patrol Identify Threats and Improve Border Security with Real-Time ‘Eye In The Sky’ Intelligence

Nov. 18, 2013 – Columbia, MD – TCOM, the global leader in airborne persistent surveillance solutions, is supporting the U.S. Department of Homeland Security to improve U.S. Border Patrol operations in the Rio Grande Valley in Texas. Multiple TCOM aerostat systems are being evaluated by Border Patrol agents in key operational environments along U.S.-Mexico border. TCOM’s aerostat systems enable operators to view activity […]

Lighter than Air

In the flatland’s just south of Elizabeth City looms a monolithic monument to a mostly forgotten chapter of World War II. We will visit the giant Weeksville hangar that harbored lighter-than-air control craft and learn how they helped turn the tide in the Atlantic. Our State is produced through a partnership between Our State magazine […]

Compact aerostat offers affordable portable surveillance solution

Columbia, Maryland-based TCOM last week unveiled its newest aerostat platform, the 12M Tactical Aerostat. The system is designed to meet the needs of soldiers and first responders who require a compact, affordable, persistent surveillance solution which can be transported anywhere, rapidly deployed, and easily retrieved. September 20, 2013 – Columbia, MD –  TCOM, L.P. last week […]

TCOM Revolutionizes Surveillance Aerostats with Next-Generation Ultra-Durable Hull Material

TCOM’s New Aerostat Fabric Helps Meet US Army’s JLENS Program Most Critical Needs August 28, 2013 – Columbia, MD – TCOM, LP, the global leader in affordable persistent surveillance solutions, has announced today it has successfully deployed its revolutionary ultra-durable hull material which enables operations of surveillance aerostats in extreme weather conditions for long durations, […]

JLENS Coming To East Coast in September 2014

Announced to deploy in September of 2014, a Joint Land Attack Cruise Missile Defense Elevated Netted Sensor System (JLENS) will begin surveillance of the U.S coast from New York to Richmond next fall. Currently utilized by the Department of Homeland Security with great success both at home and abroad, the deployment of an east coast JLENS will […]