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Afghan Army Practices with 22M Aerostat

“At nighttime when they [insurgents] want to come and put in roadside bombs for us, we can’t see them,” he said. “We don’t have technology like balloons…and that is a big thing for us.” See more here.

74M Aerostat supports JLENS naval attack test

An aerostat system built by Raytheon that uses sensors and radar to detect incoming threats from air, land and sea recently completed a real-world test in which it was able to track a swarm of boats representing an attack by hostile naval forces, the company said Sept.10. See more here.

Lighter Than Air

When German U-boats began to hound Allied forces, the Navy took to the sky and constructed an air station in Weeksville that built blimps — soft, quiet fighters that helped turn the Battle of the Atlantic and lift the nation to victory. See more here.