TECORE and TCOM unveil Rapidly Deployable System at MILCOM 2006

WASHINGTON , DC , October 23, 2006 – TECORE Wireless Systems, a leading developer and manufacturer of next-generation wireless systems, and TCOM, L.P., a world-leading provider of weather-hardened tethered aerostat systems, will unveil the Airborne Rapid Deployment Cellular System at MILCOM 2006. The innovative GSM/CDMA wireless system utilizes TECORE’s Rapid Response Mini-Cellular Systems and TCOM’s mobile 17M™ Aerostat to quickly deploy a wide area cellular coverage umbrella for emergency response situations and tactical communications.

Tactical UAV project nears conclusion

The United Arab Emirates air force’s unmanned air vehicle research and technology centre has nearly finished a two-year effort to develop an integrated vertical take-off and landing tactical UAV system. Production approvals are awaited for the Al Sber derivative of the Schiebel S-100 air vehicle.

The centre has also started assessing the potential for tethered aerostats to form part of the UAE’s future border surveillance system, with a single demonstration system acquired from US-based TCOM.

TCOM’s First Tactical Aerostat System to Provide Surveillance On-the-Move

Columbia, Md., (29 August 2005) – TCOM, L.P. delivers its first truck mounted 17M™ Tactical Aerostat System to the United Arab Emirates, U.A.E.. The truck mounted system allows off-road, mobile operations. Operating at an altitude of 1000 feet, the system provides long range surveillance and communications while on-the-move.

The Balloon Goes Up For Army and Marines

by Nathaniel R. Helms

After a 60-year hiatus, the U.S. Army is back in the balloon business.
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Army Purchases 16 More TCOM Aerostats for Iraq

TCOM, L.P. has been awarded a contract to provide the army with sixteen 17M™ Tactical Aerostat Systems to support our troops during ongoing hostilities in Iraq.

$48.4M for Rapid Aerostat Deployment System (updated)

The JLENS is a set of radars and sensors mounted on an aerostat blimp and capable of networking via Cooperative Engagement Capability to enhance both air and missile defense. And a recent Air Force Study gave the thumbs-up to greater use of blimps in the U.S. military.

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Missile Defense Agency – For Your Information – 05-FYI-0500

Radome Successfully Installed On Sea-Based X-Band Radar

TCOM, in support of ILC Dover, assisted in the final assembly, checkout and test of the Radome in TCOM’s Manufacturing and Flight Test Facility. In addition, TCOM designed and built specialized heat sealers and hardware components for the Radome and assisted ILC Dover in the structural analysis of the newly developed fabric and Radome base ring.

$14M+ for Blimps in Iraq

DefenseTech.org external link reports that the U.S. Marines are beginning to use aerostats (a.k.a. tethered blimps) as communications relays in Iraq. The Marine Airborne Re-Transmission Systems (MARTS) external link, is a TCOM 32M Aerostat that…

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Press Release

TCOM successfully introduced and demonstrated the 17M™ Tactical Aerostat System at IDEX 2005, 7th International Defence Exhibition & Conference, in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. The 17M™ Tactical Aerostat System flew EO/IR and Radar payloads daily at IDEX providing live coverage of the mobility and maritime demonstrations.

Silent Sentinels In The Sky

EventTCOM will be exhibiting its products at IDEX 2005, in partnership with the UAE Air Force UAV Research and Technology Center 7th International Defence Exhibition & Conference, in Abu Dhabi , United Arab Emirates . The conference will be held February 12 through 17 at the Abu Dhabi Exhibitions Centre. At IDEX, we are introducing our 17M™ Tactical Aerostat System. Come visit us for one of our daily demonstrations of the aerostat system flying EO/IR and Radar payloads. In addition, visit our booth, 4510, in the USA Pavilion and B7 in the UAE Pavilion, to view live payload data linked remotely from our aerostat system. We look forward to seeing you there!

– by Brian Walters